Colorful Meaning 2020

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By Rosa Chang
A couple of years ago
, I took a course on the meaning of the colors and their importance in the way we dress, how we express our personality, attitude, mood within our current environment.  

Going back to ancient Andean civilizations, we also see the way different cultures handle color within their legacies: weaving, pottery, architecture, etc., demonstrating the originality and diversity of peoples, a search for unity and its interaction with the environment.  

Until now, this civilization preserves and passes down from generation to generation, the mixture of colors that reflects their identity, balance and harmony with nature and its interpretation of colors from its Andean worldview.  

Through Blossom Inspirations we do a retrospection of the past, reassess this legacy of our ancestors and reintegrate them into our current environment through improvements in designs and finishes, greater understanding of the meaning of the colors according to fashion trends as well as according to Andean worldview. The result: a more complete interpretation of the meaning of color that we express in our different accessories: 

  • Purple: Living in harmony with Mother Earth and all that exists, synergy, adaptation, creating that magic and health interaction. According to #NYnow, it represents luxury, power, fortune, royalty, wisdom.
  • Red: Interpretation of Mother Earth, the material world, the visible, with strong, passion, excited, power personality.
  • Pink: Harmony, balance, happiness, bright, cute, more feminine.
  • Blue: Power, cosmic energy, the spirit that animates everything. Expressing confident, close, tenacity.  
  • Green: Life and dynamic life in this world, Ecological Proposal, Biodiversity, nature, social, fresh.  
  • Yellow: Reciprocity, energy that binds all forms of existence. Fun, happy, vibrant.  
  • Orange: Take responsibility, warmth, excitement, stimulating, surprise.  
  • White: Time and space, place and time. Purity, cleanliness, innocence.
  • Purple: Living in harmony with Mother Earth and all that exists, synergy, adaptation.
  • Transformation Black: Represent the eternity, endless, infinite, power, high-elegant.

Now we have a deeper understanding of the meaning of colors, seeking a balance between nature, understanding the Andean worldview, our environment, our personality and style, and our decision on the colors to use for designing and express ourselves. 

By: Rosa Chang Claro

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