Fair Trade’s Proof Points


Reflecting on the year 2023, we are filled with gratitude for the unwavering support and dedication that has been the hallmark of our journey. Here’s a glimpse of our vibrant year:

New Launches & Artisanal Innovations:

  • Arpillera Accessories by Alcira
  • Llamacorns & Unicorns by Marisa, Miriam, and Valentin
  • Chubbie Sheep & Llami Suyay Keychain-Ornaments by Lizbeth
  • Upcycled Horn Comb & Naperville Riverwalk Ornaments by Hector
  • Amazon Pink Dolphin by Violeta and Augusto
  • Naperville Gourd by Amanda
  • Elf Family Gourd by Kuntur

Community & Environmental Efforts:

  • Yaku Cyclone Relief: The devastating Yaku cyclone left our artisan community in dire straits. Yet, the outpouring of support from @Inspira, @arbioperu, and our global network has been a beacon of hope.
  • Climate Advocacy: Our participation in the FIRST Fair Trade Museum and LATAM Climate Week underscored our commitment to environmental stewardship.
  • Collaborations for Change: Partnerships with @dupagehispanicalliance and @1percentftp have strengthened our resolve to make a difference.

Empowering Movements:

  • Support for Ukraine: Our alliance with @ukrainianaction allowed us to extend a helping hand through the donation of llamacorns for their auction event.
  • Circular Economy & Climate Justice: Education on these crucial topics has been a cornerstone of our mission, empowering our artisans and community.

Personal Triumphs:

  • Rosa Chang’s Open Water Challenge: Rosa’s incredible feat in completing the Ruta Jose Olaya not only showcased her athletic prowess but also raised significant funds for NGOs dedicated to noble causes.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we carry forward the lessons learned, the friendships forged, and the successes achieved. We step into 2024 with renewed vigor and the promise to continue our quest for creating a positive impact.

Thank You: To each and every one of you who have walked this path with us—your support fuels our passion and purpose. Stay tuned for more updates on our website as we highlight the unforgettable moments of 2023.

Together, let’s make 2024 a year of even greater achievements and meaningful impact. 🌟






  • Lauched new products: ducks, jumbo bears, doggie rugs, miracle hearts from Mexico, koalas, new designs and colors of llamacorns, ladybugs' gourds. Also donations of cellphones and ipads to thge childrens of our artisans to continue with their education during this pandemic, new designs with bullhorn, work in wood of Tikuka community in the Amazon, 3D wall designs and christmas tree skirt in "arpillera" technique, new funky alpaca.
  • Violeta and Augusto have been able to use a solar panel as part of our effor to reduce greenhouse emissions.
  • Our founder and CEO is a Latina Powerhouse 2021by HOLA USA and our founder and Director is a track and field champion !
  • Proud members of 1% for the planet. 1% of our sales will donate to a NGO to preserve the peruvian amazon.
  • Recognition by Peruvian Consulate in Chicago.
  • Netwok auction in Micosoft.
  • Launched a kids mask inpired in NGO INSPIRA.
  • Electricity for Alcira after many years.
  • Lauched many nativity scenes with our artisans.




  • During curfew, quarantine and COVID in Perú and México, we did a fund raise campaign where we received $1,438. This fund has been using to cover basic needs from the artisans and their families. Basically, we are doing and training them in terms of personal finance during these tough times with the monetary resources that we are providing.



  • Consolidate Hector’s mortgage: To avoid extorsion, stress and the fear of almost lost his land. Blossom Inspirations have consolidated Hector’s mortgage and debts and he is paying monthly based on the orders that we brought to him and doesn’t stress him financially​.
    • A new tool for Hector: We have acquired a new Dremel tool to train Hector on more fashioned and crafted design to continue differentiating in the market, increase his portfolio of products and customer and to empower him to the next level.



    • Proactive develop together new products for next year: We were working closing with artisans in a circular economy path, improving some product lines, designing new products by taking out the best of them, looking for reusable materials, educating them about trends in the market and listening to our retailer's suggestions, tips based on their customer experience.
    • Hector's laptop was stealing, and he needed to continue working: BIossom Inspirations bought a new laptop to avoid  him risk and waste of time walking down and up the hills to arrive to an internet cafe to communicate with us, make templates and review new designs and production orders. We facilitate the laptop to him with comfortable monthly payments and without any charge of interest.

    • Partnered with Bright Endeavors, another member of Chicago Fair Trade ,  we have joined effort, partnership and cobranding to transform more lives in our community.​ Making Blossom Inspirations’ candleholders gourds with Peruvian artisans, we have found also a way to support young moms in Chicago, through the artfully hand-poured paid job training program of Bright Endeavors.



    • Amanda and her daughter went to a oculist: For several years, Amanda-our gourd craftswoman-suffered from vision and head discomfort. The meticulous work he did forced the eyes. We decided to support it and send it to the oculist to improve their visual capacity and eliminate their discomfort. Now work with more tranquility and without straining your eyes. We also provided glasses to her youngest daughter Olga.



    • Expanding to Mexico:  supporting single moms with “miracles” to finish their education, as a way to pay forward. Rosa, the founder of Blossom Inspirations, studied and worked in Mexico for 13 years, where she immersed into the culture, traditions and people needs.
      • Hector received an upgrade tool: Bremel Moto Saw to improve his work on horn jewelry and ornaments. This tool allows him to make more detail designs, with high quality and reducing raw material waste, optimizing his production and targeting more customers.



      • Training in Guatemala to empower women artisans in the jewelry industry and to support their economic independence and self-esteem, we sent Martha, recycled bull horn crafted woman to this training, thanks to Women at Risk International.



      • Hector received an upgrade tool: Bremel Moto Saw to improve his work on recycled horn jewelry. The last tool that we brought to him collapsed after years of usage and he couldn’t afford a new one. Blossom Inspirations invested in this new  tool for that could scale his production, maintain his work and the high quality of his products. 



      • Visit from US retail store to Peru Rebecca and Phil (Women at Risk International), visiting our artisans of gourds ornaments and bull horn jewelry and ornaments in Peru​.

      Left to right: Amanda, Martha, Rebecca, Phil​, Tito, Junior and Olga.



       Left to right: Hector, Martha, Rebecca and Phil​


      Blossom Inspirations started its relationship with Hector (jewelry hand craft) based on trust, providing no-interest loan and partial payment to jewelry maker to upgrade equipment for better quality shapes and designs. We agreed with Hector to spread out his payments for his convenience. He was available to pay-off the loan and keep the equipment producing better quality products for our orders and for other clients.


      Interview Notes with Hector Matías, jewelry artisan, Lima, Peru 

      ” I rent a prefabricated wooden house on the land of suburb, outside Lima. I live there with my wife and her teenage daughter. When I started to work with Blossom Inspirations in 2010, most of my production was doing manually and I had to cut piece by piece, I had before a tool that helped me to cut horn pieces, but it was broken and I couldn’t afford to repair it or buy a new one. Blossom Inspirations believed in my work and that I could produce better quality horn pieces and they asked me the kind of tool I need: a mini drill to work with small cutting pieces and financed it to me. I was able to use the tool immediate, to complete orders quickly and obtain more clients.”