Emergency due to Cyclone Yaku: 57 out of the 60 creeks in the Lima Region have been activated

As you may be aware, the recent mudslides caused by extensive rainfall in Peru have left many families and communities devastated, including some of the artisans we work with directly. These hardworking individuals rely on their craft to support their families and make a living, but the current situation has impacted their homes and workplaces, leaving them in dire need of assistance.

In an effort to support these artisans and their families during this difficult time, we have initiated a campaign to provide them with essential items such as shelters, food, clothes, water and energy. We believe that it is our responsibility as a socially conscious business to give back to those who make our products possible, and we cannot do it alone.

We humbly request your support by making a purchase with purpose today. Every purchase you make from us will directly contribute to our efforts in providing aid to the affected artisans and their families. Together, we can make a significant impact and help them get back on their feet.




Blossom Inspirations is a FAIR TRADE company working directly with artisans & their communities based in circular economy to produce toys, home deco and women aaccesories.

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