Blossom Inspirations works directly with artisans under the Fair Trade Principles


Blossom Inspirations is a FAIR TRADE company working directly with artisans & their communities based on circular economy model to produce toys, home decor and women accessories.​


Our Journey

Founders: Jorge Cam (Operations Director) and Rosa Chang (CEO) at Annual Fair Trade Federation Show & Exhibition in Denver, Colorado 2018

Our journey began in Mexico in 2008, as a pilot, where we appeared on E! Entertainment Mexico,  Promoting  Peru program on TV, InStyle, Women Health Magazines, press release, interviews in Universities like (TEC de Monterrey, Mexico) and Moore School University in US, and participated in local fashion shows.

We had accomplished this through artisan development in:

  • Standardize accessory colors, sizing (belt and ring sizes to western standards).
  • Train artisans on basic technologies & communications (Skype, email, file sharing, internet, etc.), combination of traditional techniques and market trends.
  • Offer consultant services to artisans on Import/Export programs for access to other markets.
  • Work with fashion designers to customize designs and meet latest trends.
  • Create our own designs and explaining to the artisans in a very easy way. Since 2013 our priorities to offer them work the whole year have been driving our goals​.
  • Support artisans not only in Peru but also in Mexico as a way to pay forward​.
  • Every year, we have added new designs to constantly reinvent ourselves, improve our product mix offer and develop new skills and capabilities​.


    Blossom Inspirations´ activities

    • Annual luncheon for artisans and their families based in Lima (since 2010). Our partner in Peru always organize a lunch or dinner for our artisans based in Lima to reconnect and find synergies and new ways to collaborate and plan a head.
    • Annual holiday food & clothing gift baskets to all artisans (since 2010). We delivered the gift basket to suburban areas, outside Lima.
    • Blossom Inspirations is committed to offer 5%-10% bonus to our artisans to encourage delivery on time and high-quality standards​.
    • We brought basic workshop safety equipment, facemasks and eye protection.
    • Invitation to artisan’s conventions in Peru to observe trends, new designs and products, based on our alliance with PROMPERU to promote Peruvian artisans every year​.
    • Visit their workshop, at list twice a year, we visit their workshop and home to review production, raw materials and environmental issues in Lima’s suburban or outside the main city​.