How did Blossom Inspirations start?

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Let me tell you how did Blossom Inspirations start?
By Rosa Chang

In 2008, during the financial crisis, my husband Jeffrey Hansen and I Rosa Chang Claro were impacted with the downsizing of GE financial division.

This uncomfortable moment became an opportunity to meet again with my friend and partner Jorge Cam Rosell and altogether find ways to be in touch with my native country Peru, to contribute and preserve Peruvian art passed over generations.

All our professional experience about Peace Corps , General Electric sustainable projects, management, finance, marketing evolved into #blossomInspirations ' value proposition.

We started with hand-embroidered belts from Ayacucho, understanding artisans’ needs, training and empowering women artisans by making new designs, improving quality in buckles, reinforced stitching, standardizing sizes, making them unique and special for the end consumer.

Yesss, we become entrepreneurs too, we decided to do a more social-economic project that could impact artisan communities and preserve their stunning work.

Today, 2020, we are facing a new crisis, 6 times bigger than the financial crisis and for us the biggest crisis that we have faced in our entire life as a generation, because it is impacting people globally, communities, industries, business processes in different ways and the most vulnerable persons are the most impacted.

The different now is that we don’t feel alone facing this crisis, we are more connected, we have learnt from our mistakes, we have mature. Since the beginning, we response to COVID-19, supporting our stores with free shipping, drop shipping, doing a fund raiser campaign to cover artisans and their families´ basic needs during the quarantine and curfew and continue working on pending orders that they can advance at their home.

We have considered also that this is the time to plan, refresh and rethink. The crisis has been the mother of all the inventions, therefore we need to continue working closely with our artisans in new things, we are developing new products that could be more functional.

We believe that we are in this together and we are part of this new society that is evolved from this crisis, more solidarity, more generous, more genuine and empathic who want to build a more equal world.

So I invite you to restart, rethink and collaborate, we will go through this together!!


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