Technology A Driver For Inclusion

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During this #COVID and in strict quarantine in Perú, we met Alcira through social media, where a great person posted her talent works and her critical situation of poverty to feed their kids. 

Alcira is a single mom, native from Ayacucho who migrates to Lima, looking for better conditions and opportunities for their 3 kids. She has to raise them by herself outskirt of Lima and she has been struggling to find a job in this pandemic even though her talent, skills and 10 years of experience in Arpillera technique. 

Are you asking yourself what is Arpillera technique?

This is a traditional work that has passed over generationsArpillera means burlap in Spanish, is a brightly colored patchwork picture made predominantly by groups of women (also known as arpilleristas).  Arpilleras are typically constructed from simple and recycled materials such as burlap and scrap materials, that they cut in different shapes to recreate sceneshabitats showing a normal urban or rural day that could bring joy, homesick or beautiful memories. 

After admiring and seeing the detail of her work posted on Facebook, we start thinking on ways to support her. We decided to start with masks. Mask? More mask?, everybody has a mask…YES, but this one will be unique, special, one of a kind, the most beautiful mask that you have ever seen, to bring you joy, connection to our native country Peru and colorful to your new normal.  

After 5 weeks, where we know each other better and we coordinated the designs, measures, and high-end quality virtually, embracing technology to communique with her and train her on tech skills too. We got our gorgeous masks with stunning scenes from Peru in bright colors and including also the flower logo of Blossom Inspirations.  

The mask has four layers with Pellon, Poplin, Liner and filter for safetyIt is soft & comfortable on face and ears and took seven hours to Alcira to handmade it. Available in different sizes: kids and adults.

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 Amazing how technology can connect us, communicate, generate trust, confident and self-steem to reimagine new ways to adapt and support each others in this new normal.

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