Reset, Restart, Reimagine 3R´s for COVID

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By Rosa Chang
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In the middle of March 2020, just one day after our friends of Ten Thousand Villages Evanston, visited our artisans in Peru, the country closed, entering into strict and mandatory quarantine and curfews for more than 90 days, because the government has to protect the society from COVID, due to lack of infrastructure in the healthcare industry to support the population in this pandemic. 

In the meanwhile, USA was debating state by state to enter  into strict quarantine or also close the entire country. By the end of March, USA also entered into strict quarantine and many industries shut down their operations for at least 2 months. 

At the beginning, I was in shock, without reaction, without knowing what to do: call/email to our stores and offer support somehow or avoid connecting them because I didn’t have the right words to express myself about this unbelievable situation without crying or try to empathize just saying that we will thrive and we are in this together, what I believe. 

I started to realize the domino effect of the economy globally, without visualizing an ending and started to get afraid about the artisans and also the future of Blossom Inspirations to support them, without sales orders. 

We connected with all the artisans that we work with in Peru and Mexico to understand their economical and health situation. One of them, sent us a video showing his situation and environment during quarantine: 


After watching that video of Hector´s living conditions I was in tears and Jorge Cam, my partner and Trade Operations Director, had stomached; and knowing also that most of our artisans haven’t received help from the government, we knew that we need to do something. Something inside started to move us to act.  

We started asking for donations to cover the artisans´ basic needs, but we knew that this is not sustainable in the time 

We started to connect virtually with the artisans showing them some virtual trainings prepared by Promperu to continue educating themselves in this pandemic. Actually, I took one of those courses, probably the best one, where a great designer, Rocio del Barco, who used to work with artisans, showed her designs by preserving artisans´ techniques, their arts, but also adapting them to access global markets, with the same principles and passions that we do at Blossom Inspirations. That’s how we connected with this amazing and creative woman and started reimagining the future of Blossom Inspirations, our new collection, products and the way that we can continue supporting our artisans during this pandemic. 

We has started with Hector, our talent artisans of recycled horninnovating with more functional products for this new normal, inspired on the environment, the improvement of our carbon footprint, thanks to our lockdown, quarantine, curfew in this pandemic and looking for supporting Hector to build water and drain system for his house and the community. Yes, I know... it is an ambitious project, but at least we are in the first stage now.


The results after 4 months is this new collection named Nadur, a Gallic name, which means nature, created and developed with discarded and recycled bull horn, showing simplicity and spontaneity, and with the intention to get a smile from our customers due to the fun, creativity, functionality and distress that it can cause.  

We want to thank you the designer Rocío del Barco for her creativity, curiosity and our talent artisan Héctor Macias, who put a lot of effort, flexibility and passion to reimagine new ways to do things different, reinvented himself and never give up.

Sometimes challenges become opportunities and weaknesses become strengthens that encourage you to reset, restart and reimagine a more equal society with opportunities to everybody. 

We will introduce Nadur Collection at NYnow 2020 digital market in support of our artisans during this pandemic. Please wish us good vibes and any feedback, comments are more than welcome. 

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