Gourds Collection


We are grateful to be a small part of your holidays.
A big thank you from our family to yours.


As you hang this decoration on your tree, please note that it is made from a natural bottle gourd. It was grown in Northern Peru, handpicked by local farmers, and dried in the sun. From there, it was transported to our home workshop where we cleaned, carved, painted and polished it into the unique eco-friendly gift you see before you.

All along the way, Blossom Inspirations have made sure we are paid an adequate living wage by following the guidelines of fair trade. They even keep track of all the energy and pollution resulting from our production. They work hard to help us reduce that waste and invest in projects to protect the environment around our community.

So feel good this Holiday Season! You're hanging up an eco-friendly product that helps real people and the environment - another reason to celebrate! Happy Holidays!


Amanda, Tito and Kathia families

  • Natural gourd ornament
  • Made in Peru
  • Hand carved & painted
  • More than 20,000 ornaments sold helping artisans & their communities
  • Carbon Footprint: 500 grams (the same as driving 2 miles in a car)