Striped Elephant

The enormous, lovable Striped Elephant is one of our best sellers. This plushie comes in pink or purple and features colorful ears, trunk and tail. Its unique 2D design allows for it to double as a throw pillow. It's a perfect nighttime squeeze for any child's bed.

Product Information


Product ID:  Pink 40111, Purple 40112

Size:  X-LARGE – approx. 12″ height x 16″ length

Color:  pink elephant with green stripes or purple elephant with red stripes

Materials:  Knit exterior is a mix of 35% alpaca wool, 15% sheep wool, and 50% acrylic. Stuffing is 100% acrylic.

Production:  This toy took approximately 2 days by a women’s cooperative to complete.  All production was done in the Puno region of Peru.

Carbon Footprint:  We are still tracking and calculating the total carbon footprint for this product.


Each of our toys is hand knit by a Peruvian women’s cooperative of artisans.  The purchase of this product directly supports them and the price paid assures a fair living wage for everyone involved in production.

Our toys are eco-friendly.  How exactly?  We offer these hypoallergenic plush knit toys as an alternative to petroleum based plastics manufacturing.  Hand knitting uses a fraction of the energy compared to that of heavy factory machinery.  We also look to use natural wools and fibers, and when possible, plant based dyes.  Read more on our Social Responsibility.