Blossom Inspirations, a Fair Trade Company
Blossom Inspirations, a Fair Trade Company
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Fair Trade


Blossom Inspirations works based on long-term commitments to our business, our artisans and according to Fair Trade Principals, respecting our environment and building to our artisans: opportunities, capacity, better quality of life, economic independence, social well-being and self-esteem.

Our journey started in Mexico, as a pilot where we appeared on E! Entertainment Mexico,  Promoting  Peru program on TV, InStyle, Women Health Magazines, press release, interviews in Universities in Mexico (TEC de Monterrey) and Moore School University in US, and participated in local fashion shows.

Founders: Jorge Cam (Director) and Rosa Chang (CEO) at Annual Fair Trade Federation Show & Exhibition in Denver, Colorado 2018

We had accomplished this through artisan development in:

  • Standardizing accessory colors, sizing (belt and ring sizes to western standards).
  • Training artisans on basic technologies & communications (Skype, email, file sharing, internet, etc.).
  • Consulting artisans on Import/Export programs giving access to other markets.
  • Working with fashion designers to customize designs to meet latest trends.
  • Creating our own designs in a very easy way to explain the artisans and in 2013 looking for ways to generate demand based on home decor gourds.
  • Every year, we add a new design gourd for Holiday season:  Santa & sleigh, Santa Claus & Chimney,  snowman figurine, colorful birds, elf (2016).


Blossom activities:

  • Annual luncheon for Lima based artisans and their families (since 2010). Our partner in Peru always organize a lunch or dinner for our artisans based in Lima.
  • Annual holiday food & clothing gift baskets to all artisans (since 2010). We delivered the gift basket to suburban areas, outside Lima.
  • We brought basic workshop safety equipment, facemasks and eye protection.
  • Invitation to artisan conventions in Peru to see other designs and products, based on our alliance with PromPeru to promote Peruvian artisans every year
  • Visit to rural artisans to review production, raw materials and environmental issues in Lima’s suburban or outside the main city every year
  • Training one of our artisans in Guatemala


Proof Points:

2018: Hector received a new laptop: Hector's laptop was stolen and he needed to continue working, since he lost a lot of time going to a computer center to make the templates and designs of the products.
BIossom Inspirations bought a new laptop with the facility that he can pay in comfortable monthly fees and without any charge.


2018: Amanda and her daughter went to a oculist: For several years, Amanda-our gourd craftswoman-suffered from vision and head discomfort. The meticulous work he did forced the eyes. We decided to support it and send it to the oculist to improve their visual capacity and eliminate their discomfort. Now work with more tranquility and without straining your eyes. We also provided glasses to her youngest daughter Olga.


2018: Hector received an upgrade tool: Bremel Moto Saw to improve his work on horn jewelry and ornaments. This tool allows him to make more detail designs, with high quality and reducing raw material waste, optimizing his production and targeting more customers.

2017: Training in Guatemala about the transcendent of women at work in the jewelry industry to support their economic independence and self-esteem, thanks to Women at Risk organization.


2016: Hector received an upgrade tool: Bremel Moto Saw to improve his work on horn jewelry. This tool allows him to make more detail designs, with high quality and reducing raw material waste, optimizing his production and targeting more customers.

2015: Visit from US retail store to Peru Rebecca and Phil (WARCHEST Boutique), visiting our artisans of gourds ornaments in Peru

Left to right: Amanda, Rebecca, Phil, Tito Junior and Olga.

2015: Visit from US retail store to Peru Rebecca and Phil (WARCHEST Boutique), visiting our artisans of recycled horn jewelry in Peru)

Left to right: Hector, Martha, Rebecca and Phil


2010: Blossom Inspirations started its relationship with Hector (jewelry hand craft) based on trust, providing no-interest loan and partial payment to jewelry maker to upgrade equipment for better quality shapes and designs. We agreed with Hector to spread out his payments for his convenience. He was available to pay-off the loan and keep the equipment producing better quality products for our orders and for other clients.


Interview Notes with Hector Matías, jewelry artisan, Lima, Peru 

” I rent a prefabricated wooden house on the land of suburb, outside Lima. I live there with my wife and her teenage daughter. When I started to work with Blossom Inspirations in 2010, most of my production was doing manually and I had to cut piece by piece, I had before a tool that helped me to cut horn pieces, but it was broken and I couldn’t afford to repair it or buy a new one. Blossom Inspirations believed in my work and that I could produce better quality horn pieces and they asked me the kind of tool I need: a mini drill to work with small cutting pieces and financed it to me. I was able to use the tool immediate, to complete orders quickly and obtain more clients.”