Alpaca Fur Toys Collection

We are grateful to be part of your home.
A big thank you from our family to yours.



As you hold this toy at home, please note that you are providing comfort, security and education to other children in Peru.

This ecofriendly toy, was crafted by Peruvian artisans, who migrated from their native town to the main city, looking for better opportunities for their kids, while facing typical big city challenges like crime, discrimination and housing stability.

The Alpaca toys made by discarded and recycled alpaca fur are not a new product in Peru, this is a traditional work that has been done by skilled hands of hardworking artisans for many generations who rescue scraps or recycled alpaca fur material.

All along the way, Blossom Inspirations are supporting them with new designs and improvements, paying an adequate living wage to the artisans by following the guidelines of fair trade, working directly with them, knowing them by name and visiting at their homes and workshops, to understand their needs and to improve their lives through creativity, artisanship and access to other markets.

So YOU can feel in your heart with every embrace of a newly purchased alpaca toy, that you are helping real people and the environment.


Dina, David, Marisa, Julieta, Ronald, Cayo, John, Deli, Alicia, Raúl