Our Team


Jorge Cam

Photo of Jorge Cam

Jorge is our point of contact with all our artisans and their communities.  On a day to day basis you’ll find him either on the phone, emailing and even visiting artisans in their homes and workshops listening to new ideas, challenges and family news.  He’s our production coordinator, artisan advocate, counselor and friend all in one.  When he’s not exploring his native Peru or his new best city Rio de Janeiro, he’s running, biking and routing on his favorite soccer team, Universitario.  Jorge’s favorite Blossom product:  the hand knit Chicken Little Toy.



Rosa Chang

Photo of Rosa Chang

Rosa is the little engine that could, can and will do! As the owner, some days she is designing products, others she is managing import/export duties, doing networking and selling. She does it all and makes the company go.  Besides being the engine of the office, she’s chasing her two daughters around the house or swimming ridiculous distances in the pool, lake or ocean.  Rosa’s favorite Blossom product:  the hand carved Rose Ring (designed by Rosa!).


Jeffrey Hansen

Jeffrey_HansenJeff is our day dreamer.  We mean that in the best possible way!  Officially in charge of marketing, Jeff helps in the design of products, strategies to get them into stores, and everything in between.  When customers go, “Ooooh” and “Aaaah”, he’s done his job well.  And when he’s not glued to his computer screen, he’s being a Dad, reading, cooking, or going on about his hometown in Iowa, time in the Peace Corps or traveling the world.  Jeff’s favorite Blossom product:  the hand knit Possum.