Floral Gourd Candle Holder

Each candle starts with a natural gourd that was hand picked, dried, cut, carved, painted and polished by a family of artisans in Peru. The tradition of carved gourds is an artistic expression that dates back over 3,000 years. Designed by Blossom Inspirations, who trains the artisans to reproduce that unique design and help them in their competitive advantage, differentiation in the market, access to other markets, improve their income and quality of life. 100% soy vegetable wax poured in Chicago with Lavander fragrance into each holder, creating the candle. LEAD FREE PRODUCT

Product Information

Size:  approx. 2.75? diameter

Colors:  natural

Materials:  Ornamental holders are made from natural bottle gourds and currently candle is 100% soy vegetable wax.

Production:  Each batch of ornaments takes several months to complete.  This includes the growing, picking and sun drying process.  Gourds are then cleaned, dyed & painted, carved by hand, and polished.  Gourds are grown and dried in Northern Peru and crafted in home workshops in Lima, Peru.

Carbon Footprint: The production and transportation of this gourd resulted in 500 grams of CO2 emission, roughly equivalent to driving 2 miles in a car.

Each gourd is hand carved.  By who exactly?  Check the bottom of your candleholder, the artisans signed their work for you.
Each ornament is eco-friendly.  How exactly?  Well, ornaments are made from natural bottle gourds compared with more popular plastic and/or glass ornaments.  We track our carbon footprint from raw materials to delivery of the final product.