Blue Leaf

The three toned leaves are what really caught our eye in this great floral belt. Mix and match the black, brown or blue bases with denim and a solid colored top for a great, eco-friendly look. Like all of our belts, these are handmade - turn it over to see by who!

Product Information


Product ID:  Black 10701, Brown 10702, Blue 10703

Sizing:  S (26-28 in waist) M (28-32) L (32-34) XL (34-36)

Color:  Large red, orange and yellow petal flowers mixed with smaller pink flowers along a brown stem with 3 tone blue leaves and 2 tone orange and yellow buds, all embroidered over a black, brown, or blue base w/ black lining.

Materials:  Base is 100% sheep wool; embroidery a mix of sheep & alpaca wools; lining a cotton/polyester blend; buckle is of zinc, aluminum and copper.

Production:  This belt took approximately 4 days for 6 different wool-dying, weaving and embroidering artisans to complete.  All production was done in the Ayacucho region of Peru.

Carbon Footprint:  The production and transportation of this belt resulted in 19 pounds of CO2 emission, roughly equivalent to driving 20 miles in a car.  This is a Carbon Zero product as its footprint has been offset through the purchase of carbon credits.



Each belt is handmade.  By who exactly?  Check the back, they signed their work for you. We work with artisan communities, workshops and cooperatives under the auspices of fair trade.  The price you pay assures a fair living wage for those involved in its production.

Each belt is eco-friendly.  How exactly?  We track our carbon footprint from raw materials to delivery of the final product.  We look for ways to reduce our impact and invest in carbon credits to offset the rest.  Each belt is essentially carbon neutral.  Read more on our Social Responsibility.