The Angels gourd is our newest design. It features 3 ceramic angels each painted in a different color with their own wings and halo. The angels stand among the clouds in the hollowed out space of a natural gourd. The interior of the gourd is painted in midnight blue and the exterior displays simple stars set over 4 different available colors.

Product Information


Product ID:  Red 70800, Green 70801, Purple 70803, Natural 70804

Size:  approx. 4″ height x 3″ width

Colors:  Red, Green, Purple, Natural color

Materials:  Ornaments are made from natural bottle gourds

Production:  Each batch of ornaments takes several months to complete.  This includes the growing, picking and sun drying process.  Gourds are then cleaned, dyed & painted, carved by hand, and polished.  Gourds are grown and dried in Northern Peru and crafted in home workshops in Lima, Peru.

Carbon Footprint:  The production and transportation of this gourd resulted in 500 grams of CO2 emission, roughly equivalent to driving 2 miles in a car.  This is a Carbon Zero product as its footprint has been offset through the purchase of carbon credits.



Each gourd is hand carved.  By who exactly?  Check the packaging, they signed their work for you. Blossom Inspirations works closely with artisan communities, workshops and cooperatives under the auspices of fair trade.  The price you pay assures a fair living wage for those involved in its production.

Each ornament is eco-friendly.  How exactly?  Well, ornaments are made from natural bottle gourds compared with more popular plastic and/or glass ornaments.  We track our carbon footprint from raw materials to delivery of the final product.  Read more on our Social Responsibility.